Here’s How It Works (Prefer YouTube? Scroll to the bottom)

Blocks Make Up the Foundation of Notion

Notion team members often describe their platform as a tool that runs on…

First off, what’s Super?

It’s a tool building simple websites…

These three lines of code fixed my entire Notion workspace.

  1. The “+New” button is everywhere I look, and I couldn’t turn it off without locking the entire page.
I need these to go away.

How to leverage the system to visualize and execute on your vision

How to track your time and take control of your schedule with Notion and Toggl

Notion’s ability to network with tasks, projects, and other databases in infinite permutations is what sets it apart from other bookmarking/visual library tools

David de Céspedes

Teacher & Entrepreneur // I write about Notion & Research-Based Productivity Systems for Creators & Startups // 3K+ Downloads on Gumroad

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