Book notes to capture the basics of this productivity system

How to leverage the system to visualize and execute on your vision

if there’s no single technique or tool for perfecting organization and productivity, there are very specific things we do to facilitate them. — David Allen

If you’re not familiar with the GTD (Getting Things Done) method, it is a fantastic methodology that allows for clear, holistic life management.

The growth of tools like Notion have also made it possible for individuals and teams to construct workspaces to fit their needs, allowing for more in-depth customization of workspaces and dashboards.

If you haven’t read GTD, or could use a refresher, here…

This software’s building-blocks approach has many use-cases for educators.

At the end of the ‘19-’20 school year, teachers were thrust into full-time, online learning positions. Immediately, lesson materials, activities, and student work had to be completed 100% online. With teachers utilizing technology in widely different ways, this posed a huge challenge; many teachers are still grappling with online or hybrid classes. longer than anyone anticipated.

To take a slightly more optimistic perspective, this past year has also required teachers and schools to re-evaluate practices, and how we can leverage technology to streamline teaching, planning, and administration.

Notion — a popular…

How to track your time and take control of your schedule with Notion and Toggl

From one week to the next, millions of workers abruptly shifted to remote work, remote teaching, or remote learning. Many of us got thrown into a new work environment where many of the same performance expectations exist, but with entirely new physical and (lack of) social environments.

For freelancers and creative consultants, the concept of time-tracking is nothing new. Primarily used as a way to track time per client or per project, time-tracking can help all of us take control over our schedules, completely rethinking what days and weeks look like while we work in total or semi-isolation. I’ve found…

Notion’s ability to network with tasks, projects, and other databases in infinite permutations is what sets it apart from other bookmarking/visual library tools

It’s no secret (especially to friends) that I love Notion as a tool that helps organize my life. Its ability to link different databases and spaces fluidly, while being able to customize what’s visibility at any given time, has created — to borrow Tiago Forte’s term — a Second Brain for all things work, teaching, and personal.

When I first started using Notion, I would look for super-users and try to recreate their workspaces, or copy super-complex templates and try to adapt them to my needs. …

A month ago, the Brooklyn high school I teach at – in lock step with NYC – decided to close school and switch to remote learning, for an indefinite amount of time. It seemed logical at the time, but few of us thought of this as potentially being the end of in-person teaching and learning for the 2019-2020 school year.

Back when I worked at Superform, much of the creative work we did was distributed. I collaborated with developers overseas, and in some cases, 100% of client meetings were done via conference call, video, or even just a Slack channel…

And some takeaways on design as a differentiator

A company announcing they’ve designed a new typeface is rarely big news.

In the case of Netflix, the investment in a custom typeface offers some insight into how design, brand assets, and yes, typefaces, affect core business. The development of Netflix Sans gives us some insight into what Netflix has been doing since the company started in 1997: consistently find new ways to differentiate themselves in a growingly competitive market.

A call to creatives, technologists, and futurists to coalesce around our communities’ most pressing needs.

Ten years ago, I was part of a group of idealistic undergrads at Florida International University, C.A.S.I.S (Critical Awareness of Social Inequality in Society) protesting Neo-Liberalism in a young city whose political conversation was dominated by a fierce conservatism fueled by a despise of Fidel Castro. With good reason, this was Miami, touted as the Latin American capital but dominated by the Cuban diaspora and post-Bay-of-Pigs politics. …

True story: this started as a Trello card, and quickly ballooned into a Medium post.

This is the first (and maybe last?) in a series of Friday writing sessions. The topic of the week?

I don’t need branding.

Ask ten people what they think of branding, expect ten different answers.

Similar to the term “design,” branding has been exploited, bastardized, and misused to the point few people are in agreement as to what branding is, and what it’s supposed to do.

At Superform, we believe in the power of design, but we also get excited about our clients’ success. …

I’ve never particularly like Samsung as a brand. The only product of theirs I’ve owned was a hand-me-down Note tablet from by brother, which I used almost exclusively as a shinier Kindle reader. Countless mornings my eyes would wander to the space just above the screen, with that “Samsung” in faux-futuristic font. Sigh. Companies that plaster branding all over their products just reinforce my bond with Apple’s subtly elegant metallic, geometric silhouette of the fruit, no words necessary.

The Versions After Party hosted by Kill Screen at at Samsung’s 837 NYC in the Meatpacking District was the first branded event…

First impressions matter. Whether it’s the moment you step out into Grand Central Terminal’s main hall, play your first game in virtual reality, or open software for the first time. Every first impression is a delicate balance of fulfillment, discovery, and retrospection.

Within the mobile app user flow, onboarding — those first few screens, animations, or videos — set the tone for not only the utility or objective of the app, but can also set the stage for a deeper connection with the user. Not every product will have the mind-blowing a-ha moment that, say, I had last week using…

David de Céspedes

Teaching is change-making // Founding Technology Coordinator SEED Miami // Currently Building @Manifest_Work

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